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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture


Corporate Mission

Precisely Forge a Brighter Future for Humanity


· Over the past 30 years since its establishment, Qinghan Precision industrials has been specializing in precision cold forging, and cold and warm extrusion. It has obtained 6 patents on precision forming inventions and 22 utility model patents. Its product categories cover such industries as high voltage switchgears, automobiles, new-energy automobiles, the military industry, and engineering machinery. The precision forging processes applied by part of its products remain at the cutting edge of the forging technologies at home and abroad.

· Qinghan Precision industrials is featured by chipless forming technology, which has the advantages of material conservation and energy reduction, and it have solved technical problems for a number of large enterprises, public institutions and military industry companies. It aims to forge high quality and environmentally friendly parts with low material consumption by leveraging its own technical experience, with the task of producing excellent and affordable products for the society, in the hope of providing high-quality services and support for the development of various industries and the society, and making contributions to the beautiful life that human beings aspire to.

Corporate Vision

Become a Leading Enterprise in the Precision Forging Industry and Forge a Century-Old Brand of Qinghan Precision Industrials


· Qinghan Precision industrials has focused its business on the precision forging industry.

· Unswervingly pursuing excellence and innovation, the company has always been improving its technical research and development capability and manufacturing capacity, aiming to forge a leading enterprise in the precision forging industry, and building an century-old prosperous enterprise to establish a worldwide reputation of Qinhan.


Corporate Values

Integrity, Gratitude, Struggle and Innovation


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TEL: +86-0379-63059555

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